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Specializing in Cairn Terriers

The Cairn terrier is described as active, game and hardy, strongly built and free of movement, with a hard weather resistant coat and a short wide head well furnished with hair.  They have large teeth, a keen terrier expression, wide set small erect ears and a straight tail, carried up. The ideal size is about 14 lbs., height about 10 inches, length from 14 to 15 inches.

Originally the Cairn  was a working dog, earning his keep helping the Scottish farmer purge his land of foxes and badgers that preyed on his livestock. This trait is definitely displayed in our Cairns.

After much research and thought about different breeds we chose the Cairn terrier.  We soon discovered that this little breed was a wonderful choice and has brought us much joy and happiness.  The work involved to establish a kennel, building pens and houses, daily care has been a labor of love.  Finding homes for puppies has been more than just monetarily rewarding it has allowed us to interact with people who desire a new companion or a replacement for one that has past.  Our heart goes out to those that have lost their Cairn because we know just how special they are and the joyful companionship they can bring.

We give our dogs hands on attention and affection daily. We intend to remain relatively small and produce healthy, loving and playful puppies.

Our kennel is located in the middle of the Ozarks far from the hustle and bustle of the city. We find this environment peaceful, conducive and more in touch with nature.  We are USDA licensed breeders



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